Full Parish Council Members of Colne Parish Council

Listed below are the current members of the Full Parish Council of Colne Parish Council. Although all of the elected councillors are members of the Full Council not all the councillors are required to be members of the council’s sub-committees. It is usual for councils to create sub-committees to manage certain aspects of their business when the volume of such business requires it.

Be aware that although the list below indicates the current members of this committee these councillors may not be responsible for decisions made in the past. You will need to refer to the Minutes of individual meeting to determine which councillors were present at that time.

David ParsonsChairperson01487 840289
Colin DanielsVice-Chairperson01487 842093
Cheryl Pomfret
3Cs Chairperson01487 740801
Gill PrangnellCommunity Hall Representative01487 840326
Henry Heylen Play Equipment Inspector / Community Hall Representative01487 842962
Stuart PurbrickTelephone Box Librarian07850329987
Kim Bluff Tree Officer01487 841669
Mark Day Footpath Officer01487 740585
Tony O’Brien
Community Hall Representative07816352230