General Information of Colne Parish Council

Everyone needs a box to put all the miscellaneous items and useful bits and pieces and this General Information section is it for the council. So if you are looking for some infromation that does not fit into any of the other sections then try here.

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Download: Earith Bridge Flood Prevention (30 KB)

News from Cambridgeshire County Council Raising the Road Surface to Help reduce flooding at Earith Bridge

Download: Housing Needs Survey Results (1 MB) Download: Parish e-bulletin: Issue 1 - 1 September 2015 (174 KB)

Welcome to the first edition of our parish e-bulletin. It includes information and news from across Cambridgeshire County Council that you may want to discuss and pass on to your residents. Please also feel free to pass this onto editors of your village newsletter.

Download: Road Closure in Bluntisham (190 KB)

Drainage works for approximately 5 weeks.