Good Neighbour Scheme

Colne Parish Council is looking into setting up a ‘Good Neighbour’ scheme, similar to the successful group being run in Needingworth.

Good Neighbours groups are there for people in the local community when there is no one else they can call upon to help.

How does it work? Volunteers do simple tasks according to personal requests from local people. A request is matched to a person who is able to help by a group’s coordinator.

Each group is self-organised, volunteer- led and run. They play a key role in providing

  • personal transport in local communities
  • social contact to reduce loneliness and isolation
  • practical support at a time of need

The Parish Council would like to set up a Working Group to look at the feasibility of such a scheme.

Is this something that would be of interest to you either as a volunteer or recipient?

If so please get in touch with Cheryl Pomfret on 01487 740801 or at She’d love to hear from you and she can then make arrangements for a meeting to discuss things as a group. Many thanks.



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