The elected representatives for Colne

Listed below are the contact details of those who have been elected to represent Colne on the Local Authorities. If email contact details are available the councillors name will be displayed in BLUE and you can then click on the name to contact the respective councillor by email. You may also send open (non-confidential) emails to the council or an individual councillor via the Parish Clerk, follow this link to contact the council office.

David Parsons


Tel: 01487 840289


Address: Virginia House, High Street, Colne

 Registrable interest form - David Parsons (PDF, 206.27 Kb)

Carleigh Pomfret


Tel: 07904427766


Address: 30 Greenfields, Earith, Cambs. PE28 3QH

 Registrable interest form - Carleigh Pomfret (PDF, 481.36 Kb)

Colin Daniels

Vice Chairperson

Tel: 01487 842093


Address: Game House, High Street, Colne

 Registrable interest form - Colin Daniels (PDF, 1.44 Mb)

Cheryl Pomfret

Councillor and Chair of 3Cs

Tel: 01487 740801


Address: The Hollies, Bluntisham Road, Colne

 Registrable interest form - Cheryl Pomfret (PDF, 1.4 Mb)

Gill Prangnell

Councillor/Tree Officer/Community Hall Representative

Tel: 01487 840326


Address: May Cottage, High Street, Colne

 Registrable interest form - Gill Prangnell (PDF, 1.4 Mb)

Henry Heylen

Councillor/Play Equipment Inspector/Commmunity Hall Representative

Tel: 01487 842962


Address: The Warren, High Street, Colne

 Registrable interest form - Henry Heylen (PDF, 1.39 Mb)

Mark Day

Councillor and Footpath Officer

Tel: 01487 740585


Address: 5 Earith Road, Colne

 Registrable interest form - Mark Day (PDF, 1.39 Mb)

Ken Fergus


Tel: 07923473511


Address: 7 Drury Lane, Colne

 Registrable interest form - Ken Fergus (PDF, 306.41 Kb)

Tony O’Brien

Councillor and Community Hall Representative

Tel: 07816352230


Address: The Ridings, High Street, Colne

 Registrable interest form - Tony O’Brien (PDF, 1.38 Mb)

Contact details for your District Councillors.

Jon Neish

Tel: 01480 466110


Address: 7 Willow Green, Needingworth, St Ives, Cambridgeshire, PE27 4SW

Lewis Besley

Tel: 01480 300658


Address: 48 The Furlongs, Needingworth, St Ives, Cambridgeshire, PE27 4SW

Contact details for your County Councillor.

Executive Member for community resilience

Steve Criswell

Tel: 01487 740745


Address: 23 The Bank, Somersham, Cambs. PE28 3DJ